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A reminder on this frosty morning of the dangers of Antifreeze. Antifreeze is extremely toxic to cats but unfortunately the sweet taste is very appealing.

Signs of ... See more

1 week ago

If your cat has been prescribed meloxicam oral suspension, this is how it should be given. It’s easy and tasty, and most cats think it’s a treat.

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There have been reports of poisoned dog treats being found around Scole Common. Please be vigilant if you are walking your dogs around this area.

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Woof Woof


He made his own doggy door.... 😂😂

1 week ago
Ricky Gervais

Hello Facebonkers.
I wonder if you could do me a favour? Whenever you hear that someone is planning to get a cat or a dog, try to persuade them to adopt instead of buying from a breeder. There are so ... See more

1 week ago
Roundworm in dogs and cats

Check out this fantastic video of the roundworm cycle in cats and dogs

Animation showing the life cycle of the roundworm parasite in dogs and cats. Sorry but comments have been disabled for this video as they cannot be monitored...

1 week ago

It’s national dress your pet up day, do you have any pictures of your lovely pets all dressed up 😸🐶

1 week ago

Quite a few things us humans consume are very toxic to our beloved cats and dogs.

Here is just a reminder of some of the items that are toxic to our pets... ☢️⚠️

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