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1 year ago
Can I catch coronavirus from my pet? - Vet Help Direct

The spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) is getting more media attention every day and whilst we should all be following the Government’s advice on good hygiene, for those of you worried about your ... See more

Can dogs, cats or other pets carry coronavirus? In this blog, we’re going to look at the evidence, and suggest ways you can protect your pets and yourself

1 year ago
Photos from Cherry Tree Vets - Diss and Harleston's post

Today daffodils day in our Diss branch ! When you check in don’t forget to grab some daffs! And drop a few coins for charity !!!! Our helpers today Djin and Kloe did a great job supervising the ... See more

1 year ago


1 year ago
Kentfield Kennels Labrador Retrievers

After dinner nap time, can all 6 of you get into the bucket? Or will some go into the 2nd bucket?

1 year ago


1 year ago

Introducing Spencer - our pet of the month for February! This handsome gentleman was a little super star 🌟 today and was very brave and patient having bloods taken 😻

1 year ago
Dogs Trust

Happy pancake day! 🐶 😋

Happy Pancake Day! 🥞
​We wouldn't want your pooches to miss out so here's a dog friendly pancake recipe 😍🐶
​Let us know what your dogs think! We think they'll flippin' love them 😉 ... See more

1 year ago

My two when I even walk near the biscuits 🐱🐱

1 year ago

Please keep an eye out for Nelly in the Dickleburgh area. With all the bad weather we’ve been having, please check your sheds/garages incase she went looking for shelter. Many thanks

LOST CAT - Has anyone seen Nelly? Wears a pink collar and is very fluffy. Last seen in Merlewood area Wednesday 19th Feb.

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