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Surgical Ward

State of the art onsite surgical ward ensures your pet gets the treatment required without having to to be transported and cared for at a veterinary hospital.

Caring Staff

Caring Staff are always on hand to attend your pets every medical and emotional need.

Onsite Diagnostics

Onsite imaging diagnostics ensures we can get the results from diagnostic procedures straight away.

Comfortable Kennels

Bright and hygienic kennels keep your pet warm, comfortable and secure while they are in our care.

Together in sickness….

We aim to provide the highest standards of medical and surgical care for your pets in a pleasant and friendly environment.

  • A full range of diagnostic equipment
  •  A well trained team with special interests and expertise in a wide range of companion animal conditions
  •  Modern surgical facilities, fresh and bright premises
  •  Kennel area looked after by dedicated vets, rather than nurses, providing excellent care for you and your pets
  •  Convenient puppy and weight clinics throughout the day providing advice and care.

….and in health

Our aim is to keep your pet healthy and our clients happy.

  • Structured health care programs for all ages of dogs and cats, which means you can spread the costs of vaccination, worming and flea control by paying us monthly by direct debit and benefit from extra discounts for pet health scheme members.
  • Preventative health monitoring
  • Advice on diet, worming, dental care, flea control, and other health care concerns from our fully trained staff
  • Behavioral counseling

All our vets are fully qualified and RCVS registered – We guarantee you can see a vet today if you need one – We have free ample car parking on site – We have a convenient Saturday surgery for which no appointment is needed – We offer our own emergency service in our practice and around the clock care for pets.


Large Reception

Consulting rooms

Pet Food Supplies

Animal dental Care Diss Norfolk

Dental Treatments

Caring Staff

Friendly and caring vets with a passion for animal care means that your pet receives the best possible treatment with the personal touch.

Pet comfort and pet happiness is paramount, and we always want to make sure pets are happy to visit us, comfortable with procedures, confident with our approach and if they are upset because of being in a different environment and in pain, we allow time to un-stress and we take it slowly to gain their confidence. Bonding with pets and their owners is our way to provide our patients with a long, healthy and active a life as possible.

We take an on-going approach to professional development and all members of staff regularly attend training courses. We provide veterinary services for companion animals: dogs, cats, rabbits and other small animals, as well as the more exotic pets, pet poultry and some wild birds routinely or less routinely presented to us.

Since 2010, creation of the veterinary practice, our independent surgery has established itself amongst the local community and now provides care to thousands of pets every year. We know that you consider your pet to be a member of your family, that is why the whole team here at the practice works hard to provide the best veterinary care services. So if you are seeking treatment or advice for your pet, do please contact us.

Health checks

Health and wellness checks are a key part of the animal care we provide our 4 legged friends. At Cherry tree vets we believe that health and wellness starts in the plate and we advise owners how to keep their animals healthy by looking after their diet. We also emphasis on preventative health care such as deworming regularly and flea control throughout the year. We try to spot and treat early any problem which could lead to serious issues if left untreated.

We include health and well-being checks at each of our consultations and this comes with each vaccination too. A large array of vital signs give us precious information “clues” to what is going on in case of a complaint or prior to a vaccination. Only healthy animals are vaccinated, which means that the health check of vital signs is of paramount importance even if an animal isn’t booked in for a specific complaint.

Routinely this is the general examination our vets perform when seeing your pet for a consultation or a vaccination:

– eye check, ears, nose, teeth, tongue and gums, glands at the throat, along the neck and shoulders.

– gland checks on the abdomen, on the hind legs, check for any suspicious lump on the body that shouldn’t be there

– listening to airways, chest, lungs, heart and gut sounds. Feeling the belly for any abnormality including mammary tumours, spots

– hair coat and skin check, weight check, flea and worm control and body temperature.

– asking about any changes in eating, drinking, peeing or pooing, on any other changes in behaviour, such as exercise or house training

– we advise on neutering and spaying, and offer recommendations on dental health and food.

– microchip check, customer vaccination education, puppy training tips and any other request you may have or condition you need to understand.

House Visits

We are happy to provide house visits when required. They are usually done around the middle of the day after morning consultations. We do not perform house visits during evening surgery as we are always fully occupied with our patients at the surgery in the evening. Evenings are our busiest time.
There are times when a house visit is not the best thing for your pet, for example when we need to use equipment based at the surgery. We will advise you if a house visit is not appropriate and we will explain why. We can also help you with transportation of your pet by taxi or ambulance to the surgery if needed.
We understand that if the time comes to say goodbye to your pet and euthanasia is necessary, a lot of our clients prefer this to be done at home. This will help your pet remain relaxed in their familiar surroundings. We will do our best to arrange a suitable time to come out to you.
Please give us as much notice as possible if you need a house visit so that we can plan our day.

We have always found Cherry Tree Vets to be caring, competent and ready to help in an emergency.  The staff are friendly and  are always happy to discuss and advise any treatment that may be necessary.  We have had no hesitation over the years in recommending them to friends and acquaintances

Mike Kaye

I cannot praise the practice highly enough, for their quality and friendly service, from genuine caring vets with their professional and efficient team

Alistair Trip

Cherry Tree Vets has looked after our dogs for 4 years.  The Vets and staff are fantastic – friendly, caring and highly professional.  I would recommend them to anyone.

Jane Rowland